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Services Include:

Installation of new pumps and tanks

Servicing of existing well systems - residential and commercial

Installation and service for most water filtration systems

Water quality checks

How Often Should I Have My Water Tested?

Your well water should be tested once a year for bacteria and every three years for nitrate - More often if you have a shallow or hand dug well.

Qualifications required.

A licensed well driller must have a minimum of two years field experience working with a licensed driller or one year experience and one year in qualifying education.  Qualifying education includes: History of drilling methods, Business basics, Welding, and Well design & construction.

How to know if your water is safe?

The federal Safe Drinking Water Act directs the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to establish national drinking water standards.  In the state of Washington this program is managed by the State Department of Health.  There are two standards, Primary and Secondary.  Primary standards protect your health, while Secondary standards are set for taste and other aesthetic factors that do not pose health risks.